Be Positive Program will have both old and new Blog posts with songs, stories, outcomes and various ‘child raising’ issues.

Hi my name is Barb Bellesini. I am a mother of 4 very different children and have been teaching since 1978!
My philosophy of teaching has ALWAYS been-To form a relationship with your students, make them feel listened to and understood, then they will have much more potential to learn.’

Social and Emotional Learning has been a passion and I have been lucky enough to be a Specialist ‘Positive Education’ Teacher for 6 years, teaching from Prep to 6 and developing these programs.

I have refined a Prep program that covers all of the SEL areas, which sets up a basis, language and strategies to be built on and developed in future years.

Developing programs for the other levels was done on a year to year and term to term basis, but I would try to cover all areas over a two year period. In the 6 years no two were the same!

I would write in the Newsletter each fortnight with a Home Practise section for parents to follow up at home. Some did, some didn’t, but those families that did built better relationships and built up new strategies and ways to communicate as a family.

All SEL programs help to build resilience, but it is more effective and better retained if followed up at home as well as school. I also began a Positive Ed Blog, which documents many things we have done over the last few years including songs, children’s ideas, some of which i will share with you here.

I have many resources to share- The Prep Booklet and program, posters, program notes for all other Primary levels, a Gratitude Journal and PD if I am able.
Please contact me through my website above or my email and leave me your details for further information.

Thank you in anticipation of having happy, balanced people surrounding you.

Barb Bellesini

My ‘Be Positive Program’ is coming!          Compiled by Barb Bellesini
Catch me at the Positive Schools What works Expo on Thursday June 2nd at the Convention Centre where you can see the prototype of ‘My Brave and Confident’ workbook.


The Be Positive Program and lesson plans are built around all Social and Emotional (SEL) areas in the Australian and State Curriculums.

Level One has a workbookMy Brave and Confident Book

Levels 2-4 I suggest to have a separate ‘Positive Education’ / ‘Be Positive’/’ Social and Emotional Learning’ etc exercise book that the children use from grade 1-6 until it is full, then start another. This way their work and ideas are kept together and you/ they can refer to strategies and build on and revise them. Some students keep them, even after leaving Primary School. I have comprehensive lesson plans compiled for each Primary Level from Prep (Foundation) to Grade 6.

Each lesson includes:
A game or meditation at the beginning
• A story &/ or song
• Circle time – where EVERY child has a voice
• A follow up activity
• A learning Intention and Success Criteria
• They have all been tried and tested
• Have learning posters to accompany the program, to remind children of strategies
• A Gratitude Journal (or this can be incorporated into their exercise book)

Every child needs a good start, and this program can also help parents and children build new ways to communicate- a building block for future years!

Others who have used my program and lesson plans have commented on how easy the Prep lessons were to follow and used lessons from previous years for all of the other levels with the same success.

See the Posts below for many parts of the program in action and some outcomes!

Keep scrolling back through the posts for songs, posters, ideas, parent info etc bee pos boy bee1

Email me- for more information or how you can order the book, lesson plans or posters.

YOU make a Difference

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Every one of us can make a difference to those around us. When you treat people kindly, then your action will be like the ‘Butterfly Theory,’ it starts small, then it keeps spreading and spreading, and having an effect on many.

Here is a story which was shared with the Seniors, of a young man who made a difference. Each student was then given a Starfish with ‘I make a difference’ on it, to remind them of the difference they make in every encounter with others.

There was once a young man at the beach,
He appeared to be dancing before the waves breaking on the shore,
A curious Wise Man was watching him- he approached
and asked the young man,“What are you doing?”
“The tide brings the Star Fish onto the sand and the sun
comes up and they burn, I am throwing the Star Fish
back into the ocean,” the young man replied.
“But young man,” said the Wise Man, as he looked
up and down the beach, “There are thousands of Star Fish,
you won’t make any difference.”
The young man bent down, picked up a Star Fish
and threw it into the ocean, He said to the Wise Man,
“Yes, but I made a difference to that one!”

Big or small:
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The Juniors have completed designing and making a card for a randomly picked class mate. They needed to write at least one compliment for the person they were assigned. The aim was to recognise that every person has many things to like about them. The smiles on their faces when they received and read them was priceless.

Have a look at a selection of what was written, remembering they are 6 to 8 years old. Well done Juniors.

Selection of JB cards:
Compliments cards on PhotoPeach

JFK Compliment cards on PhotoPeach -selection

Give a compliment today and every day 🙂


Positive Education Expo

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The 5-6 students chose a Well Being topic to research and present in any way. They displayed their findings on many and varied topics at the recent Positive Ed Expo, which was put on for the rest of the school and any parents who could attend. They using songs /raps, cartoons, videos, posters, brochures, power points, to name a few, and made me proud of their efforts.

Some topics were: Feelings, Bullying, Wellbeing, Blaming, Failure, Filling Buckets, Self Esteem, Prejudice, Mental Health, Physical Activity, Body Image, Respect, Racism.

Here are some photos from the Expo.

Positive Education Expo 2015 on PhotoPeach

Filling each other’s ‘Invisible Buckets’

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We all have an ‘invisible bucket.’ When it is full we are HAPPY, but when it is empty we are SAD. To fill someone’s ‘invisible bucket’ and make them happy, you need to be kind to them.

Here are some of the ways the Preps came up with to fill each other’s buckets.

Can you think of any other ways?

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.comGo to  to watch a ‘Bucket Filling’ story and there is a cute ‘bucket’ song at


Show Some Kindness

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The Preps have been talking about ways to be kind to people: Saying please & thank you; hugging; smiling; letting people join in games; sharing; helping others; making new friends etc.

Here is a song that they learnt:

Starring Prep K

trim.3FEF213D-3D9E-48D8-9883-F9C0325B286F from Barb Bellesini on Vimeo.

Featuring Prep S

trim.3D72BAE2-42CC-486F-AAB6-6D8E9A6FBE80 from Barb Bellesini on Vimeo.

Harmony Day

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Each Class has been talking about Harmony Day. We have looked at what ‘Every Face has a Place’ means, as well as revisiting Anti Bullying. The seniors and middles made posters, juniors coloured Mandalas and the preps drew themselves playing kindly with their friends. Check to see if your work is here.





Every person should feel they belong and are safe.

How will YOU make a difference on Harmony Day and every day? 
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Ways to ‘Dis-empower’ a Bully


How do we Dis-empower Bullies??

If people are Cyber Bullies or bullies in person, there are ways to help. You can help yourself and you can have others who see it happening help you.

Remember that bullies have often been bullied themselves, could be lonely with few friends, and often have a very low self-esteem- THEY need your help as well as the Victim!

Here are some of the ways the Gr 3-6 students thought of to

TALK- say Stop I don’t like it ; WALK- walk away from the situation; TELL- Tell an adult and ask for help

SAVE- Print, screen shot, take a pic of the Cyber message for Evidence; BLOCK- Block, delete and Report the contact; TELL- tell an adult, show them your evidence, ask for help.

Stand up for the Victim

Step back

Ignore them

DON’T Cyber bully or bully back

Show the evidence

Write the bully a kind letter, (telling them things that you like about them)

Change their mind

Don’t be a bystander

Get them to join in with you

Build victims confidence- talk to them, get them to play with you

Build the bullies self esteem – tell them about good things they can do, invite them to play with you, be kind to them- you might find they become kinder as well!

Use humour

Listen to both sides- ask Why they are bullying? How can we fix this?

Help to stop the fight

Be nice to them

Be friends with the person being bullied, stand up for them, play with them

Tell them something good about themselves

Don’t be a bystander, get others to help

Ignore and be friends again

Tell your teacher and mum and dad

Invite them to your place to play

Invite them to your birthday party

How will you Dis-empower and help both the Victims and Bullies????




KidsMatter Slogans

We are a KidsMatter School

Look out for these throughout the year!

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Have a great year using and doing these.

Be the Good News!!


Visit the KidsMatter website  for lots of information, fact sheets on everything from starting school, friendship, bullying etc  and other helpful information.