Be Positive Program will have both old and new Blog posts with songs, stories, outcomes and various ‘child raising’ issues.

Hi my name is Barb Bellesini. I am a mother of 4 very different children and have been teaching since 1978!
My philosophy of teaching has ALWAYS been-To form a relationship with your students, make them feel listened to and understood, then they will have much more potential to learn.’

Social and Emotional Learning has been a passion and I have been lucky enough to be a Specialist ‘Positive Education’ Teacher for 6 years, teaching from Prep to 6 and developing these programs.

I have refined a Prep program that covers all of the SEL areas, which sets up a basis, language and strategies to be built on and developed in future years.

Developing programs for the other levels was done on a year to year and term to term basis, but I would try to cover all areas over a two year period. In the 6 years no two were the same!

I would write in the Newsletter each fortnight with a Home Practise section for parents to follow up at home. Some did, some didn’t, but those families that did built better relationships and built up new strategies and ways to communicate as a family.

All SEL programs help to build resilience, but it is more effective and better retained if followed up at home as well as school. I also began a Positive Ed Blog, which documents many things we have done over the last few years including songs, children’s ideas, some of which i will share with you here.

I have many resources to share- The Prep Booklet and program, posters, program notes for all other Primary levels, a Gratitude Journal and PD if I am able.
Please contact me through my website above or my email and leave me your details for further information.

Thank you in anticipation of having happy, balanced people surrounding you.

Barb Bellesini

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