YOU make a Difference

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Every one of us can make a difference to those around us. When you treat people kindly, then your action will be like the ‘Butterfly Theory,’ it starts small, then it keeps spreading and spreading, and having an effect on many.

Here is a story which was shared with the Seniors, of a young man who made a difference. Each student was then given a Starfish with ‘I make a difference’ on it, to remind them of the difference they make in every encounter with others.

There was once a young man at the beach,
He appeared to be dancing before the waves breaking on the shore,
A curious Wise Man was watching him- he approached
and asked the young man,“What are you doing?”
“The tide brings the Star Fish onto the sand and the sun
comes up and they burn, I am throwing the Star Fish
back into the ocean,” the young man replied.
“But young man,” said the Wise Man, as he looked
up and down the beach, “There are thousands of Star Fish,
you won’t make any difference.”
The young man bent down, picked up a Star Fish
and threw it into the ocean, He said to the Wise Man,
“Yes, but I made a difference to that one!”

Big or small:
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2 thoughts on “YOU make a Difference

  1. This was a great story to share with the students Barb.
    We can all make a difference one step at a time.
    You have certainly made a big difference in the lives of all the students you have taught. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and inspiring story,
    Verona Gridley 🙂

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