Ways to ‘Dis-empower’ a Bully


How do we Dis-empower Bullies??

If people are Cyber Bullies or bullies in person, there are ways to help. You can help yourself and you can have others who see it happening help you.

Remember that bullies have often been bullied themselves, could be lonely with few friends, and often have a very low self-esteem- THEY need your help as well as the Victim!

Here are some of the ways the Gr 3-6 students thought of to

TALK- say Stop I don’t like it ; WALK- walk away from the situation; TELL- Tell an adult and ask for help

SAVE- Print, screen shot, take a pic of the Cyber message for Evidence; BLOCK- Block, delete and Report the contact; TELL- tell an adult, show them your evidence, ask for help.

Stand up for the Victim

Step back

Ignore them

DON’T Cyber bully or bully back

Show the evidence

Write the bully a kind letter, (telling them things that you like about them)

Change their mind

Don’t be a bystander

Get them to join in with you

Build victims confidence- talk to them, get them to play with you

Build the bullies self esteem – tell them about good things they can do, invite them to play with you, be kind to them- you might find they become kinder as well!

Use humour

Listen to both sides- ask Why they are bullying? How can we fix this?

Help to stop the fight

Be nice to them

Be friends with the person being bullied, stand up for them, play with them

Tell them something good about themselves

Don’t be a bystander, get others to help

Ignore and be friends again

Tell your teacher and mum and dad

Invite them to your place to play

Invite them to your birthday party

How will you Dis-empower and help both the Victims and Bullies????




7 thoughts on “Ways to ‘Dis-empower’ a Bully

  1. What fabulous ideas you have shared on how to be strong and confident against bullies. It is up to all of us to work together and stamp out these bullying behaviours!
    Verona Gridley 🙂

  2. So many smart ideas. You are really thinking “outside the box” and shifting the goal posts around bullying, particularly the hardest-to-do suggestions, such as being kind to the bully.
    Sometimes when we understand why another person behaves the way they do it can make it easier for us to respond in a way that benefits us AND them.

  3. Thank you for your comments Senior teachers. I’m sure everyone will be working hard on being even more aware of how their actions, or lack of action, impact others – sometimes in a very dramatic way. If we all work together, then we will achieve some great results.
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

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